Policies and Procedures
Classroom Policies 


Students will have a time for snack each day. Please send a healthy snack that can be eaten quickly and independently. Information regarding allergy restrictions will be sent home. If a student brings a snack to school containing a classroom allergy, the child will be asked to eat the snack in the hallway and then wash hands before returning to the classroom.


Invitations for birthdays will not be sent out from school. The only exception is if the student is inviting all members of the class. The teacher cannot provide contact information for other families.
Non-edible birthday treats may be brought to school to celebrate the child's birthday. Edible treats will not be distributed and will be sent back home.

If a student comes to school out of uniform, he or she will be sent to the Uniform Bank to change into acceptable clothing. A note will be sent home explaining the violation. Parents are asked to wash and return the borrowed clothes to school in a timely manner.
Common Violations:
- Socks: black, white, gray
- Headwear/Hair Accessories: black, white, gray, burgundy, uniform plaid - no other patterns or adornments including jewels and gems

Water Bottles:

Students are permitted to bring a water bottle to school. Students may only fill the bottle with water. Juice and other beverages are not allowed in the classroom. Water bottle priviliges can be revoked if misuse or repeated distractions occur.
Homework Policies


Homework is given for students to have additional practice and to reinforce skills taught at school that day. Homework also helps teach time management and responsibility. All completed homework should be "Third Grade Good".


Students are expected to spend about 40 minutes completing homework each night. In addition, students will be expected to read for 20 minutes each night of the week and once on the weekend. Class time is often given for homework.

Late & Missing Work:

Work is accepted, without point deductions, up to two weeks late. After two weeks students will earn a zero for that assignment. No-name work will be marked as missing until it is turned in with a name. Students are responsible for getting additional copies of missing work. Additional copies can also be printed at home using Mrs. Murray's Planbook page.
Testing & Retake Policies


Students are expected to show integrity at all times. If a student talks during a test, or looks at another person's work, they will only earn credit for the portion of the test that was completed prior to cheating. Parents will always be informed via email, phone call, or Behavior Fix-It.


Students are allowed to retake any test or quiz they earn less than 80% on. All students who earn lower than 70% will be required to retake a test. This does not apply to Word Study or Vocabulary tests. Students are able to earn full credit on test retakes.
Grading Policies

Reading: Comprehension 90%, Work Habits 10%

Math: Skills Assessments 50%, Basic Fact Assessments 10%, Classwork 10%, Work Habits 10%

Writing: Writing Assignments 40%, Grammar 30%, Word Study 20%, Work Habits 10%

History/Science: Assessments 60%, Homework 30%, Work Habits 10%


Thursday Folder:

Once a week, students will bring home a white folder. This folder contains all graded work from that week and important information. Parents should look through the information in the folder, empty it out, and return it the next day.

Homework Folder:

Students are required to bring their green homework folder to and from school each day. Papers on the "Left at Home" side of the folder can stay home and do not need to come back. Papers on the "Bring Right Back" side need to be completed and returned to school the next day.


Students will be expected to fill out their planner when arriving at school each day. This planner will come home each night communicating homework information as well as important and timely reminders. Mrs. Murray's Planbook account will have up to date homework information as well.

Mrs. Murray will update IC as frequently as possible, usually at least once a week. Please check regularly for missing (M) work. Work will be changed to late (L) once it has been turned in. If it is blank, and not flagged, it is not missing. Please use Planbook and the planner for due dates, not IC.